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FOCUS On The Arts
Highland Park High School
433 Vine Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035

Jody Weinberg

Staff Coordinator


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The Fine Arts Department and the
Highland Park High School PTO
Proudly present...

FOCUS on the Arts 2011
Imagine the Possibilities

The mission of Focus is to increase the appreciation and understanding of the arts and of art professionals through more than 250 workshops, performances, and lectures, all free of charge. We seek to educate and entertain people of multicultural and diverse backgrounds by exposing them to the many facets of the arts. The three day and three evening celebration of the arts has been the impetus for careers and the inspiration for lifelong interest in the arts. This is evident by the more than three dozen alumni who are returning to present their talents. It is our goal to continue this tradition at Highland Park High School.

We sincerely thank the hundreds of community volunteers who have generously given their time and talents with enthusiasm and grace. It has been a pleasure to work with the parents, students and staff at Highland Park High School in preparing FOCUS ON THE ARTS 2011. This year we are extremely proud to present to you over 250 quality artists who represent to you over 250 quality artists who represent a myriad of art mediums inviting everyone to Imagine the Possibilities.


Thursday - April 14, 2011

Architecture Dance Music
Art Drama Showcase
Assemby Media Writing

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8:00-8:45 8:50-9:35 9:45-10:25 10:35-11:15 11:20-12:00 12:05-12:45 12:50-1:30 1:35-2:15 2:25-3:05
class 3rd Period class 6th Period class 9th Period Alicia Landes Mark Sexton Daniel Marder Sarah Rothschild Closing Assembly - Spoken Word Closing Assembly - Spoken Word
Mystery Artist Caren Rudman Daniel Marder Janet Austin AJ Goehle & Levy Innovations AJ Goehle & Levy Innovations Tom Pilurs
Comedy and Tragedy Films Cheryl Steiger Janet Austin Threadless Daniel Marder Megan Curry
Daniel Marder Jill King Gail Lukasik David Gista Surayah
Kevin Coval, Idris Goodwin & Jess Kass Santiago Polvos Tony Romano Jenny Learner Bradley Ross
Chiara Mangiameli Kevin Guilfoile Piel Morena Contemporary Dance Adam Langer Doug Lucterhand
Laume Dawn Metcalf Happy Karaoke Fun Time Audrey Niffenegger Kathyrn Finney
Charles Dougherty Alejandra Gonzalez Richie Keen Robbie Q. Telfer Rachel Tenner
Richie Keen Kalapriya Steppenwolf  Theatre Company/Erica Daniels Congo Square Theatre Company Chris Madsen
Bobby Talamine Mary Lou Belli Bradley Ross Happy Karaoke Fun Time Skinwalker
Peter Rudman Bobby Talamine Kevin Leadingham Doug Lucterhand Tom Pilurs
Guitarra Azul featuring Rubén Alvarez Mark Schimmel Sue Castorino & Randy Minkoff Kathyrn Finney Troubled Identity & Fusion
Elijah Aaron Rusty Schwimmer Ifficial Reggae Movement Steve Downes Weil, Green & Guo
Sons of the Never Wrong Sons of the Never Wrong Robert Hanson Sue Castorino & Randy Minkoff
Guitarra Azul featuring Rubén Alvarez New Music School Piano Trio
John Knecht Patrick McCarthy
Ravinia Student Advisory Board Troubled Identity & Latin Dance
Karl Seigfried
Tsukasa Taiko

Wednesday - April 13, 2011

Architecture Dance Music
Art Drama Showcase
Assemby Media Writing

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
8:00-8:45 8:50-9:35 9:45-10:25 10:35-11:15 11:20-12:00 12:05-12:45 12:50-1:30 1:35-2:15 2:25-3:05
class 2nd Period class 5th Period Tom Shafer Melissa Alderson Wayne Cable Wayne Cable Art Shay Wayne Cable class 8th Period
Comedy and Tragedy Films Clark Ellithorpe Daniel Marder Art Shay Daniel Marder Blake Novotny Blake Novotny
Amethyst Piano Quintet Stacey Lee Webber Stacey Lee Webber Daniel Marder Jill Alberts Daniel Marder Daniel Marder
Victoria Mecklenburger Mark Richardson Jill Hurwitz Studio Beads Janet Austin Janet Austin
Faisal Mohyuddin Deeply Rooted Jonathan Plotkin Leslie Stella Kevin Coval & Idris Goodwin Dr. Eric Wentz
Natya Dance  Theatre & Inaside Chicago Dance John Francisco Studio Beads Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago Dance Richard Thomas Jeremy Tinder
Harris Kal Rachel Rockwell Lee Tracy Hubbard Street 2 / Glen Edgerton DanceWorks Chicago John O'Connor
John Francisco Sam Samuelson Santiago Polvos Laura Downey Hubbard Street 2 / Taryn Kaschock Russell DanceWorks Chicago
Kevin Tibbles Mark Giangreco Mary Osborne M.A.D.D.  Rhythms Thodos Dance Company - Contemporary Thodos Dance Chicago
Mark Giangreco Kevin Tibbles Hip Hop ConnXion Arlene Malinowski About Face Theatre Adam Rudman
Mark Silverman Azul De Noche Laura Downey The Music Theatre Company Barbara Glass Jonathan Lewis
Julie Koidin DePaul Jazz Band About Face Theatre John Mullin Steve Zacharias Kevin Fishbain
Mikel Avery Highland Park Strings Quartet Ryan Baker Julie Farby Doctor Mudd Doctor Mudd
Susan Benjamin Raining Season Steve Kriozere Steve Zacharias Ferrell, Jats & Horwitz, Shorr & Wein Kidd Russell
Jeff Libman Michael Davis Danny Chaimson Freeman & Hile Neal Alger
Michael Lerich and His Orchestra-Performance Dede Sampaio The Hue
Susan Merdinger Lynn "Chirps" Smith Playback Theatre
Michael Lerich and His Orchestra-Workshop
Orquestra de Samba

Tuesday - April 12, 2011

Architecture Dance Music
Art Drama Showcase
Assemby Media Writing

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
8:00-8:45 8:50-9:35 9:45-10:25 10:35-11:15 11:20-12:00 12:05-12:45 12:50-1:30 1:35-2:15 2:25-3:05
class 1st Period class 4th Period Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata Bruce Horigan Carey Primeau Carey Primeau Art Beat Live! Elliott From class 7th Period
 Balou & Saturday Night Fun Gary Frank Jake Kahana Jill Meyerhoff Daniel Marder David Philpot  David Philpot 
Daniel Marder Open Studio Project Dayna Block Open Studio Project Dayna Block Sam Jaffe  Lara Miller Lara Miller
Victoria Mecklenburger Daniel Marder Tim Pfiffner  Tim Pfiffner  Tim Pfiffner  Tim Pfiffner 
Richard Buskin Santiago Polvos Daniel Marder Stephanie Kuehnert  Achy Obejas Tony Davis
Improv Playhouse Achy Obejas Jake Kahana Tania Runyan  Adam Levin  Alexis Pride
Liz Tannenbaum Capoeira Gingarte Chicago Sam Jaffe  Tonya Wibbenmeyer  Rick Kogen  Jeffrey Brown
Allan Loeb Luna Negra dance Theater Achy Obejas Nan Zabriskie  Carlton  Roger Thurow
Steve Kriozere Lookingglass Theatre Peter Ferry  Spoon River  Julie Burman Kaplan  Aloha Chicago
Fifth House Ensemble Actors Training Center/Carole Dibo Capoeira Gingarte Chicago David Rudman  Spoon River  Big City Swing
Jarrard Harris Walking on Air with Betsy & Sal Inaside Chicago Dance  Steve Kriozere  Al Yellon  Spoon River 
Heller & Ryan, Learner & Keeshin Dean Reynolds T. Daniel Productions  Corey Wilkes  David Rudman  Teatro Luna
Doug Longhini Lookingglass Theatre Jim Hines  Greg Wards's Fitted Shards  David Rudman 
Nan Zabriskie  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame  Kurt Hansen  Julian Milkis
Spoon River  Honors Choral Students  Jeremy Kahn  Matt Savage
Lou Canellis  Matt Savage  Out the Box Records Presents Super Sessions
Howard Levy with Chris Siebold  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame  X-Factors
Doug Beach  Hall, Miller, Brewer
Josh and the Empty Pockets  Israeli Dance
Typhanie Monique

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