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Guardian Angel

YEA! Highland Park

Diamond Angel

Illinois Arts Council
Ellen and Ron Saslow

Golden Angel

Highland Park Community Foundation
Highland Park High School PTO
Jack Miller Family Foundation
Nancy and Andy Mills
Cari and Michael J. Sacks


City of Highland Park Cultural Arts Commission
District 113 Education Foundation
Lisa and JB Fleisher
Michael and Beth Wexler Family


Richard Cortesi
Cunniff Family—Tim, Jill, Courtney, Chase, Kevin and Caroline
Amy, Steve, Payton and Harper Don
Jeffrey Elowe
First Bank of Highland Park
Vicki and Rob Frazer
Marla and Larry Gilbert
Highland Park Bank & Trust, a Wintrust Community Bank
Caryl and Burt Lasko
Leva Family
Felicia and Michael Perlman
Linda and Dick Saslow
Dean and Jody Weinberg
Wells Fargo & Company


Marcy and Billy Abt
Berkman Family
Craig and Elliana Bondy
Geoff and Wendy Ellis
Hara Family
HPHS 68 Reunion In honor of Ruth Esserman, Focus Founder
Insoft Family
Susie and Andrew Kassof
Stephanie and Rick Koretz
Susan and Andrew Kramer
Little Tommy’s Plumbing Shop
Dan and Becky Littmann
Napoli Family
Mary Jo Papich
John Ropiequet and Broucka Sarnoff
Jennifer and Paul Rosenblum In honor of Dr. James Hile
Julie and Kenneth Sacks
Amy and Andrew Small
Karen & Herb Wander
Nicki and Jim Woldenberg
Jon, Lisa, Josh and Lily Zirin


Anonymous (2)
Wendy and Jim Abrams
Annenberg Family
Ilene April and Josh Leavitt
Avant for Men
Bergman Family
Jeffrey and Judy Bramson
Katie and Brad Cohen
Ross and Mindy Deutsch and Family
Eric, Kim, Jake and Ben Ephraim
Lori Fagenholz and David Multack
Shari and Jim Field
Ken Fishbain and Nancy Grossman
Galaxie Professional Cleaning Service, Inc.
Aaron and Nicole Gerber
Peter and Carol Goldman
Geri and David Greenberg
David Gross and Lisa Newman
Jessica Hector-Hsu
Highland Park Giants Hockey Association
Susan and Rod Humerick
Ileen and Dave Jacobs
Kaden Family
Nancy and Bob Kalman
Katz, Goldstein & Warren
Dan and Amy Kaufman
Samantha and Andrew Kessel
Wendy, Art and Ben Kessler
Annette Kleinman
Karen and Bob Libman
Susan Licata
Betty Lieberman
Pam Lowy
Jack Manone
Gregg and Michelle Menaker
Menoni & Mocogni, Inc.
Amy and Ricky Michelon
Micah and Ellen (Dorfman) Nathan
Pagoda Red
Susan and Andy Pasternak
Patty and Ken Pell
Peschier Family
Rangel/Stetkevych Family In honor of Katherine and Nicolas
Gloria and Dan Reisner
Rob and Nancy Rotering
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Shapiro
Ilene and Michael Shaw Charitable Trust
Solem Family
Spitz Family
Mindy and Jay Sterns
Jane and Michael Strauss
Gail and Jerry Taxy
Dr. Gregory Thomas
Wallman Family
Dan Wander and Ruth Freedman
Weinberg Family
Weisbard Family
Weisskopf Family


Anonymous (5)
Jordan and Dylan Abt
Ackermann Family
Adelstein Family In honor of Lilly Adelstein
Melissa and Ken Arbetter In memory of Mrs. Jaye Lewitz
Baer Family
Bob Bakke
Beck Family
Sheryl and Jim Beck
Sara and Steve Bell
Peggy and Jim Belmonti and Family
Cyndy and Marc Benjamin
Jan Bergman
Berk Family
Robert Boehm In memory of Carol Boehm
Bordo Family
Suzanne and Ron Breitstein
Andrew and Gail Brown
Cherny Family
Robin Cohen
Rosanne Cohen
Carey and Cheryl Cooper
Karen and Rich Coplan
Larry and Deborah Coven
Denise and Scott Davis
Diane and Glenn DeBell
Mary Jane and Tom Dee
Francie and Ken Dickman
Patti and David Dresdner
Randi Elowe
Karen Marcus Foley
David Foos
Lisa and Mickey Foreman
Bart Fox
Mara and Stuart Fox
Joni and Bruce Friedman
Katie Krause Froelich
Elise and Ira Frost
Bryna and Edward Gamson In honor of Ann Slavick
Judy and Doug Garfinkel
Kari and Brett Gilbert In honor of Cooper Wallman
Kylie and Cooper Gimbel
Holly Ginsburg
Julie and Rich Gordon In honor of the entire staff of HPHS
James and Donna Gottlieb
Martha and Jim Gray
Gary and Mindy Greenberg
Nancy and Scott Greenberg
Noah Greenberg’s Family
Amy and Bob Greenebaum In honor of Jody Weinberg
Guhl Family
John G. Harty, Ltd.
Harty Realty Group
Kenneth and Amyra Henry
Mari Hirsh In honor of the Piña Family
Beth and Andy Hull
Idlewood Electric Supply
Sheila and Ron Jacobson
Dan and Mary Jenks
Ellie and David Kaufman
Adam W. Keats In honor of Kayla Keats
Garber and Kerpel Families
Hon. Alyssa Knobel
Kosner Family
Hillary Krantz
Kriser Family
Ken and Alena Laube
Becky Levine
Doris and Norm Libman
Libowsky Family
Jeff and Samantha Lichtman
Annette Lidawer and Rob Rubin
Lipman Family
Wendy and Bill Lipsman
Tracy and Rod Loewenthal
Nancy and Howard London
Anne and Mitch Macknin
Mazursky Family
Jean and Stanley Meadows
Meister Family
Jackie and Michael Melinger
Mindy and the Moores
Randee Newman
Amy Perlmutter Family
Perper Family
Dana Pieper
Dan and Rhoda Pierce
Kay and Dave Poukey
Dina and Eli Rollman
Tara Romoff
Marjie Sandlow and Barry Rosen
David Rosen and Amy Zisook
Jacqueline Rosen, D.D.S, M.S., P.C.
Yumi and Douglas Ross
Donald Rubin and Barbara Winer
Rory and Daniel Rubin
Alison Wien Salzman, David Salzman and Julie Salzman Nowak
Steve and Ruth Schaumberger
Ginny Schulte
Jamie and Don Shapiro
Bonnie and Steve Shlensky and Family
Ann Slavick
Kathy and Ronald Sonenthal
Spinelli-Falberg Family
Steinmeyer Family
Don and Linda Stewart
Hedley Stickell
Donna and Tom Stone
William Terman
Peter Waldstein
Karen and Ed Weil
Wilson Family
Iris Wittenberg
Zadik Family


Mike and Nicole Auerbach
Cheryl and Ted Banks
Debra Bauer
Baum Family
Berns Family In honor of Joe Berns
Boehm Family
Laura and Brett Boehm
Andi Bogot
Bravy Family
Camp Ojibwa
Bob and Stacie Chukerman
Linsey and Tim Cohen and Family
Jodi, Paul, and Henry Coplan
Terri and Avram Feldman
Ferrari Family
Neal and Michele Gallo
Shannon and Mick Garrity
Craig and Amy Gerstein
Mindy and Jeff Gordon
Steve and Debbie Gordon
Jim and Krista Hanson
Steve and Jackie Hirsh
Julie and Ken Hoffman In memory of Carol Slater
Steve and Jill Hoffman
Pam and Gregg Hollander
Howard Family
Eileen and Dov Kahana
Kaiser Family
Barry and Barb Kane
Katlin Family
Laura and Scott Kaufman
Ken’s Quick Print, Inc.
Lena C. Kezdy
Stacy and Paul Kotelov
Legator Family
Arlene and Jeff Levin
Dan and Tammy Lezotte
Holly and Marc S. Lichtman
Alicia and Frank Lieberman
Matthews Family
Stacey Meyer
Millen Family
Jeannie Murphy
Nicole and Jim Murphy
Cathy Nachman
Lorri Newman
Alice and Mike Nuteson
Rob and Terri Olian
Keith and Deena Pascal and Family
Abigail Perkins In honor of Eli and Grace Perkins
Rosheger Family
The Rossen Family
Rutstein Family
Kristen Skinner
Dr. Sam and Karen Skurie
Judy L. and Michael Smith
Barbara Smith and Tim Burroughs
Lauren and David Solomon
Sally and Peter Spero
Brigitte Steves
Judi and Richard Stone
Janet and Walter Swartz
Karen Wehner
Diane Weil
Jane Werman
George and Dianne Williams
Carol and Abbott Wolfe
Hilleri and Harry Zander
Mike and Colleen Zurek


Anonymous (2)
Joanne and Roger Biondi
Calkins-Kelley Family In memory of Evie Swierczynski
Lana and Cal Eisenberg
Elder Family
Fineman Family
Karen Harris
Laurie and Doug Hart
Leslie and Michael B. Hyman
Jacobson Family
Betty Kahnweiler
Kathy and Adam Keyser
Nancy Grauer Kisicki
John and Jill Mandel
Lisa Solomon Mann
Shirley Miller
Rosenfeld Family In memory of Caryn Klein
Jane and Ron Scheff
Marlene Silverman
Messe and Solomon Family In honor of Ann Slavick
Kim Stone and Ken Wexler

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